Amerigo saddles combine functionality and precision as well as the highest quality materials and meticulous workmanship. Made in a state of the art facility in Italy all the products are made in top quality Italian leather by highly trained craftsmen using some of the most advanced technology in the world.

Research and Development is an important part of the Amerigo brand and product strategy. They strive to fulfill the requirements of an ever changing market, producing saddle models that are specifically designed for the many different types of horses that we see today.

Only careful analysis of the horse and rider can lead to the right choice of Amerigo saddle. At Saddlemasters, we offer a saddle fitting service to ensure your horse or pony is fitted with the right sized saddle which means your horse will be comfortable and perform to their very best. 

New Amerigo saddles shown on our website are 'view only' for you to choose a model you like before making a fitting appointment. Read more about the Saddlemasters Saddle Fitting Service here.