Bucas Irish Stable Extra 50g Lightweight Rug


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The classically designed Irish Stable range of rugs combines superb value, durability and comfort. Its a smart stable rug with breathable Silk-feel lining to help keep the coat smooth. It has a rip-stop outer fabric and T-bar with Snap-lock front closures with shoulder darts for extra room, a robust yet comfortable choice for your horse.

  • Silk-feel lining is smooth against your horses skin and helps keep the coat in good condition.
  • Ripstop is the pattern of the weave that makes the material less prone to tearing. This weave helps prevent any rips that do occur from spreading through the material.
  • Layer system means that this rug can be used with other Bucas rugs as to double up the insulation with the combination of the rugs together.
  • Shoulder Darts helps to give your horse a more tailored fit across the chest and shoulder area. These are a signature design feature from Bucas.
  • Snap-lock magnetic closure help keep you Bucas rug secure on your horse. It eliminates the use of Hook & Loop closures on the chest making it a more comfortable fit for your horse.
  • T-bar front closures to help keep your Bucas rug secure on your horse.
  • Fillet string prevents our rug from flipping up your horses back while they relax in their field. It also helps to secure your rug on our horse.
  • 50g fill insulation.

Bucas Rug Measuring and Size Guide


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