Do we ship internationally? Yes!

However we have a slightly different process for international orders.

First - because our prices online include the 20% VAT charge on UK sales. For international sales, we do not have to charge this tax, so the price we charge you is lower than what you see online. However, we cannot predict what duties or charges what each and every country in the world will put on the goods, if any at all.

For example, goods we send to USA often do not meet the current $800 threshold, and are not charged any customs duties. It is your responsibility to know the tax rules in your country, and if there are any duties or charges that are due on the goods, it is your responsibility to pay for them.

Normally this will be assessed by our international courier (UPS) upon the goods arriving in to your country at the customs facility. An e-invoice is then sent to your email, and you are required to pay before the goods can be released to your address in-country.

If you do not pay, either the goods are destroyed or are returned to us. If the goods are destroyed, we cannot refund you, if they are returned to us, we will refund you after any further costs have been charged by the courier for the return of the goods to us.

You need to email us the following details:

1. Your Name

2. Billing Address

3. Shipping Address & Name of Recipient (if different from the above)

4. The name, product code and quantity of the product you would like to purchase

Send these details through to

We will generate an e-invoice for you, with the total cost, excluding the 20% VAT charge, including shipping, which you can pay securely online.

Once you have paid, we will then process the order for delivery.