Lister Clippers

Lister Shearing Equipment Ltd is one of the most recognised, trusted manufacturers in large animal clipping and shearing products throughout the world. Established more than 100 years ago Lister's has set the standard for reliability and quality through engineering innovation.

Lister's range of equine clippers and trimmers are both light to handle and reliable to use. The clipper handsets eclipse,star,legend, fusion, and the pico trimmer provide an excellent range of clipping handsets with changeable blades with different coat cutting depths.

Working with leading grooms, shearers and farmers around the world, we have listened to the feedback of our users and studied the way in which our products are used to develop market leading innovations, such as the patented self-clearing blades. The quality of these products is proudly reflected by Lister’s receipt of a Royal Warrant and consecutive maintenance for over 60 years.