MB04 Myler Low Port Comfort Snaffle Loose Ring - Level 2


The Myler MB04 Low port comfort snaffle is a best seller.

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One of Mylers leading products. The MB04 low port comfort snaffle loose ring bit has a small, ¾ inch port for tongue relief. It has an ergonomic design creating a wrapping action around the bars and lips of the mouth, this avoids any pinch or nutcracker action as can be identified in a conventional snaffle. The MB04 has independent side movement allowing the horse to come through the shoulder and create lift with your horse coming up in front as the outlines lift comes through from behind and is collected into the riders hands in a soft and relaxed outline. The MB04 acts on the tongue with a certain amount of initial relief and the bars of the mouth while gently wrapping around the lips. This encourages the horse to flex, balance & relax at the poll. Ideal for a young horse as well as many other horses. The MB04 low port comfort snaffle loose ring bit encourages your horse to move with the bit as it wraps the outer lip. The loose ring version provides for a faster release for an even greater level of precision control and quicker release than the eggbutt version. The MB04 low port comfort snaffle loose ring is dressage legal.


MPN 89-28045
Size 5.00"
Type Loose Ring
Dressage Legal Yes - dressage legal
Brand Myler