The NATHE brand of horse and pony bits are now marketed by Herm Sprenger of Germany.

The high-quality plastic bits from NATHE, are also manufactured in Germany, and perfectly round off the Sprenger range of bits expanding the Sprenger bit range to offer customers an even wider choice of bits. Not only the products but also the motto of the NATHE company "from riders for riders" fits perfectly to the philosophy of Sprenger, who work closely with professional riders and scientists when developing new products.

The bits are an alternative to metal and made from a high-quality thermoplastic, making them ideal for sensitive and mouth sensitive horses improving the horses confidence in taking the rein contact bringing a willingness to perform and take up the bridle.

The material used is anti-allergenic, food safe, and free from plasticisers or solvents having a smooth surface, and no eraser effect.

The material is temperature neutral, and has good cold flexibility while being dimensionally stable, with high mechanical strength.

Each bit has a steel core through the bit middle of the bit attaching to each side ring for added safety as some horses can damage the plastic material due to excessive chewing/teeth damage which would cause a bit breakage.

On this page we showcase the Nathe Brand of horse and pony bitting solutions.

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