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Neue Schule manufacture a range of horse and pony bits in loose ring bit, eggbutt bit and full cheek design versions which they have labelled adopting different names including the following. Turtle Tacio, and Turtle Tacio with flex, Turtle Top and Turtle Top with Flex. Tranz Angled Lozenge, Verbindend, Team Up, Starter Bit, Also available is their Slimma Show and Warm blood Pelham, and Slimma Swales Pelham as well as the Weymouth bit and Waterford bit options. Tongue action and the use of the bit in relation to the horse tongue and any pressure that is applied, as well as how the bit action is taken up on the bars of the mouth are all aspects that have been rigorously explored. Neue Schule have taken traditional bitting designs mostly borne out of the last century and largely unchanged since, and then improved them for the modern horse and pony breeds to suit the refinement in equine mouth conformations as blood lines have been improved over the last 20 years or so for competition purposes.

The range of pony bits is excellent for all pony riders and offering competition riders new options to improve control by improving mouth comfort for the pony due to the bit action and thereby removing the discomfort created by rein pressure and the Neue Schule range offers certain bits with varying levels of poll pressure to lower high pony head carriage situations.

Neue Schule use of a high copper alloy mix which they have patented calling it Salox Gold, and used it to make the mouth piece. The Salox Gold metal alloy is neutral to taste, and slightly softer than traditional stainless steel bits. This means Salox Gold provides a warmer metal aimed at improving the horses "mouth feel" which has the effect of aiding acceptance as it quickly reaches body temperature when placed in the horses mouth. All bits are designed using CAD CAM (computer aid design and computer aided manufacturing) and then using precision foundry manufacturing techniques which mean the product always has a high quality standard of finish.

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