Neue Schule Tranz-Angled Lozenge Baucher - 14mm


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This combination of Baucher cheek and Neue Schule Tranz mouthpiece usually helps the rider to achieve and maintain a rounder and more correct outline. If your horse is constantly resisting, strung out or coming above the bit the usual response to the Neue Schule Tranz Baucher is a head lowering action and softer feel through the rein. This design often proves beneficial for the over sensitive mouth. Highly recommended where help is needed for straightness and directional control.

  • Neue Schule bits are made with Neue Schule Salox® Gold which is a high copper alloy used for its high thermal conductivity and anti-tarnishing properties; Salox® Gold quickly reaches body temperature and so encourages relaxation and acceptance of the bit.
  • A good all round training tool.
  • Promoting both comfort and communication.
  • A very popular mouthpiece that increases feel and responsiveness encouraging a soft sustainable contact.
  • Dressage Legal
  • Mouthpiece Thickness: 14mm


Brand Neue Schule