Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Full Cheek - 14mm


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Excellent for directional control and tight turns during faster work as the mouthpiece will not slide across the mouth when turning. It is also safer for young horses, especially when introducing to road work, as it should not pull through the mouth in a panic situation.

Highly beneficial for children or novice riders who may not be sufficiently experienced in supporting their inside rein. The upper cheeks may be fixed to the cheek pieces with Fulmer Loops in order to stabilise the mouthpiece.

  • Neue Schule bits are made with Neue Schule Salox® Gold which is a high copper alloy used for its high thermal conductivity and anti-tarnishing properties; Salox® Gold quickly reaches body temperature and so encourages relaxation and acceptance of the bit.
  • Enhances straightness and turning. May be used with Keeper Loops.
  • Good for horses who are tentative into the contact, inconsistent or too light.
  • Offers the stability within the mouth needed to boost the horse's confidence encouraging them to seek the bit, taking the rein forwards.
  • Dressage Legal
  • Thickness: 14mm


Brand Neue Schule