Neue Schule Turtle Tilt Weymouth Bit


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The Turtle Tilt Weymouth sits further forward on the tongue creating a greater degree of separation between curb and bridoon, addressing the all too common problem of interference between the two bits.

The flattened underside of the Turtle Tilt mouthpiece is held parallel to the tongue delivering a broad and smooth weight-bearing surface with little bulk between the floor of the mouth and upper palate.

Generally recommended to clarify the rein aids, improve comfort and promote sustainable performance.

  • Neue Schule bits are made with Neue Schule Salox® Gold which is a high copper alloy used for its high thermal conductivity and anti-tarnishing properties; Salox® Gold quickly reaches body temperature and so encourages relaxation and acceptance of the bit.
  • Creates a greater degree of separation between bridoon and curb allowing independent rein aids.
  • Offers a smooth, broad weight-bearing surface across the tongue and bars whilst taking up little room between tongue &palate.
  • Recommended for comfort and harmonious, sustainable performance.
  • Often used in conjunction with the Turtle Tactio or Turtle Top.
  • Dressage legal.
  • Mouthpiece Thickness: 14mm


Brand Neue Schule