Neue Schule Warmblood Weymouth Bit


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Don't lose precious marks through tongue evasions! An innovative lightweight, elegant cheek design combined with a very cleverly designed tongue bridge offering generous tongue relief without causing upper palate interference. It is extremely popular with the large tongued KWPN, Hanoverians etc. This design has often proved to be the solution to many long term tongue evasions.

  • Neue Schule bits are made with Neue Schule Salox® Gold which is a high copper alloy used for its high thermal conductivity and anti-tarnishing properties; Salox® Gold quickly reaches body temperature and so encourages relaxation and acceptance of the bit.
  • Quietens the busy mouth, often eradicating tongue evasions by offering tongue relief.
  • Helps with outline and short tense necks (behind the vertical).
  • Often used in conjunction with the Verbindend bridoon.
  • Mouthpiece Thickness: 14mm


Brand Neue Schule