Premier Equine

Premier Equine is a global leader in horse leg protection and injury prevention, continuously investing heavily in research and development, design, and the manufacturing processes using the latest materials.

Innovation drives everything that Premier Equine do offering customers the very latest in sports technology to aid performance of both horse and rider.

Globally recognised for providing premium quality and technically advanced products, PE is at the forefront of innovation, technology, and protection in the equine sector.

PE have their own patented air cooling technology (patent numbers GB2407777 and GB2394666) which allows cool air to pass through the boots front vents as the horse gallops, and then it circulates and exits out of the side vents. This process allows a constant stream of cold air to pass through over the tendons, keeping them cool.

Premier Equine are famous for their ‘Buster’ horse rug range launched in 2002 which became an instant hit with the horse and pony owners due to it’s never-before-seen advanced technology that focused on wither comfort, freedom of movement in the shoulder, breath-ability, self-righting properties, and its high standard of waterproofing. 

The PE range of saddle pads caters for all requirements improving saddle comfort, breath-ability. moisture release, and improving heat dispersion from the horse back.  

The Premier Equine range of products encompasses revolutionary horse rug technology, unrivalled magnet, and infrared specialist products, as well as leg cooling technology to provide effective horse care and protection solutions for riders, owners, trainers, and industry professionals.

A brand inspired by understanding by having detailed conversations with riders, trainers and veterinary professionals; and then created by the in-house design team who meticulously engineer our specialist equine products to the highest standard.

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