Saddle Fitting and checking.

The saddles on our website are a small selection of what what our manufacturers make and produce, the model we fit to your horse is entirely dependent on it’s shape, width and conformation issues it may have – Prices are listed alongside each saddle, but may differ slightly if a made to measure model is required.

We come to you.

We recommend saddle fitting is done at your premises so that your horse is not subjected to having to travel. We want your horse to be as relaxed as possible and so their usual surroundings are preferred for saddle fitting.

Although not essential, a stable with a flat floor where your horse can be stood square, as well as somewhere we can see the horse trotted up.

Visiting Protocol.

All visits are done with the following in mind: -

Social distancing, we will ensure we have the necessary PPE for these purposes and would ask you to ensure you observe this necessity while we are on premises.

Bio security is something we take seriously in respect of all yard visits at all times, and we have measures in place concerning adequate prevention of disease transfer between premises.

Dogs should be restrained or kennelled in order to reduce bio security contact opportunities; this can also help ensure our safety during our visit. We do not bring our own animals to your premises.

Arrival times - We do try to be on time, but occasionally we are not due to traffic or a difficult horse needing more time. We will advise you if we are running late if it is possible.

Booking your appointment

You can either complete the enquiry form below or Call us on 0808 186 0025 

We will try to accommodate your desired time and day although we often need to book appointments according to the area we are in at any given time.

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