Saddle Fitting Service

Maximising performance starts with comfort. Having the right saddle fit takes you further in your quest for perfection and these, it must be said are the riders goals. It should be of no surprise that your horse is always more interested in comfort.

A difficult thing to maintain as horses can change shape, and so regular saddle checks are an essential part of the management of your horses comfort.

Areas we cover

We cover Shropshire, South Staffordshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire. Further areas by request subject to agreeing travel costs.

We are authorised Saddle Fitters for Amerigo and Equipe Saddles. We also stock Albion, John Whitaker, Premier Equine, Arena, Pessoa, Saddle Company and Bates saddles.

Booking a Saddle Fitting or a saddle check.

Ian Taft - Saddle Fitter


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Our costs for saddle fitting are £72.00 inc VAT for each horse or pony, plus travel.

If you've 2+ horses/ponies the saddle fitting charge drops to £60 inc VAT per horse and/or pony. 

If you decide to purchase a saddle exceeding £1500 in value, we will credit back the fee against the value of the saddle.

For example, if we charge £72 for the fitting, and £25 for travel (£97 together in total) and as part of our service you choose to purchase a saddle of ours that retails for £2000. We'll credit this £97 to your £2000 saddle purchase, meaning you receive the saddle fitting service as complimentary service.

We are prepared to split the travel charge between the number of horses at the stable yard we are attending, so for example to attend to look at four horses the charge for travel per client with one horse each would be £6.25. The saddle fitting cost remains the same price of £72.00 for each horse.

What to expect from your saddle fitting appointment?

Buying a new saddle is obviously an extremely important purchases for you and your horse. It has to be right for you and right for your horse and so both are considered. However, if you already have a saddle it may be possible to adjust or reflock accordingly and so you may not need a new one.

We are happy to check the fit in terms of both of you and your horse. We will run through the same saddle fitting checks in either case.

What we need:

What we will do:

How long does it take?

Buying from us:

Follow-up appointments:

If you would like to book an appointment please go to our online booking form - Saddle fitting booking form

Our Saddle Fitter Qualifications

Experienced rider and Saddle fitter with over 30 years experience working with professional show jumpers, working hunters, eventers, and dressage riders.


​​​​Michael Eilberg


"Amerigo gives me the balance and position i need to really become one with my horse. To truly influence my horse in a positive way with no restrictions."

Edwina Tops-Alexander


"I’ve been riding with Amerigo saddles for over 15 years and I can say that I feel totally at one with my horse. Not only the quality of the saddles are great but the way they fit the horse to allow them to be able to use there body the best way possible without any discomfort. In the end every detail counts and I know without these saddles I wouldn’t have achieved the success I’ve had today".