Sprenger Sensogan Bemelmans Weymouth - 14mm

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Product information

The optimum fit of the Bemelmans Weymouth keeps the horse on the bit. It has a smooth, rounded port and the shape of the mouthpiece is adapted to the sensitive palatal arch. The thickness is
tapered towards the centre. The acceptance of this bit results in soft and even distribution of pressure across the entire tongue due to the exceptional form of the mouthpiece. The horses impulse to put the tongue over the bit is nearly neutralised. A Weymouth that meets with highest requirements, resulting in relaxed and contented horses.

  • High, smooth, rounded and forward angled port, relieves the tongue.
  • Shape adapted to the sensitive palatal arch and tapered towards the center.
  • The impulse to put the tongue over the bit is nearly neutralised.
  • Enables particularly sensitive rein aids.
  • Ideal for horses with fleshy tongues and horses that evade tongue pressure by pulling up or sticking out the tongue.
  • Higher poll pressure with 7 cm cheeks, leverage effect slightly delayed.
  • Leverage effect sets in more direct with 5 cm cheeks.
  • Thickness: 14mm
  • Delivery approx. 3 weeks

Material: SENSOGAN: Alloy of copper, manganese and zinc. Manganese hardens the copper without influencing the natural oxidation process of it. Due to the manganese, the alloy gets by with less copper content but achieves an equivalent oxidation behaviour as AURIGAN.

During his active career Jean B emelmans won around 50 international dressage Grand Prix. For more than 20 years he has been coaching and led the Spanish dressage team to seven medals at the European and World Championships and the Olympic Games.

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Brand Sprenger
Product Code 4211912578