Stable Rugs

Keep your horse warm and comfortable in the stable with our selection of stable rugs.

Our quality rug selection from the leading equestrian brands such as Weatherbeeta, Premier Equine, John Whitaker, Bucas, JHL and Mark Todd mean you can find a rug to suit.

Depending on the temperature, you will probably require a particular weight in your new stable rug. A popular choice for most cool weather conditions is the 100g stable rug. A stable rug light weight is great for keeping the chill away in cool weather without your horse getting too hot.

We suggest selecting a Lightweight stable rug in early autumn weather and a Medium weight for cooler weather,move up to a Heavyweight rug for the very cold weather for some horses who feel the cold. For clipped horses you may need to go up the rug weight range to compensate for the clip or by adding an additional base layer rug.

Weather conditions are changeable from one day to the next so download a weather app, and keep a check on the night time temperatures to ensure the right rug is selected.

We have various different styles to choose from, whether you need a full neck or standard neck design, we've got the perfect stable rug for your horse or pony.

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